Friday, October 5, 2012


So, it's no surprise to anyone that knows me, that October is my favorite month of the year. With the weather cooling down ,football, yummy fall foods, scarves and boots, and all the great fall activities, what's NOT to love about October ?? But, the most exciting thing about October is the spookiness of it. Curling up on a cool fall night with a terrifying horror movie is one of my most favorite things to do ! So with that being said, I'm going to list off a few of my  favorite horror movies that I think everyone should watch. Some aren't so horrifying, and some are, you'll see what I'm talking about in a second. 

The first horror movie favorite of mine is the Halloween movies. The psychotic Michael Myers is a favorite of mine and has been since I was a kid and first saw this. My parents, like most, didn't fully allow me to watch movies that involved a masked serial killer stalking young teenage girls and stabbing them to death. So, I had to sneak and watch them ...and loved every gruesome minute of it. There are a total of 10 Halloween movies, with the last two being remakes from the original. Halloween 3 didn't focus on Michael Myers though, it  is called Season of the Witch and was based on children's Halloween mask that would end up killing them at a certain time on Halloween, it was certainly my least favorite of them all.
My second favorite is also the first real horror movie I ever watched. I was 7 years old, it was nearly Halloween and my parents had gone out to buy groceries while my grandmother watched me and my little sister. When my gran had nodded off  to sleep, I switched on the t.v. and the first thing I see is a old black and white movie showing two people wondering around a graveyard to creepy music and I was instantly hooked. Turned out that it was about zombies and I have been a zombie fanatic ever since. This is one movie that I have to watch every Halloween, no matter what. The simplicity of this movie is what I love the most. They didn't have to show tons of blood and gore to make this zombie movie terrifying, yet it had the same affect.
Now who doesn't love  the sad tale of Frankenstein ?! A monster created by a mad scientist who then is hunted down by the towns people and wanted dead. He's misunderstood and just wants to be loved, which lots of people can relate to, right? Although being made from pieces of dead people all put together isn't something any of us can quite relate to, but it makes for a good story !  There have been many remakes of this movie , but my favorite is the orginal from 1931. Boris Karloff was genius as Frankenstein ! And who hasn't ever had the urge to yell " IT'S ALIVE !!!! IT'S ALIVE !!!! "

Now on to vampires. I actually liked it when vampires didn't sparkle or fall in love with clumsy expressionless girls ,  let me just add that despite what i just said, i LOVE Twilight, but i love my vampires to be bad ass and scary as hell too ! First was Nosferatu in 1929. His long creepy fingers were enough to scare the bajeezus out of me, and although it was a silent movie it is still one of my favorites. Then came Dracula in 1931. I thought Bela Lugosi did a phenomenal job as Dracula . For the first time, Dracula wasn't some disgusting looking creature, he was good looking and had a way with the ladies, so to speak , which has since been the trend among vampires. To be sexual creatures instead of grotesque creatures. Although, some movies, such as 30 Days of Nights  , go back to the original , less attractive type of vampire.

So let's take a quick break from the horror movies and mention another less terrifying Halloween movie. Hocus Pocus. This movie has been one of my favorite things to watch during Halloween since i was 12 years old. The Salem Witch Trials has always been a fascination of mine. This movie takes those Salem witches and makes them funny and kid friendly. My kids love this movie just as much as I do. Give me a bowl of candy corn popcorn balls and pop in this movie and i'm a happy girl : )
Last but not least, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I don't know one single person, no matter how old they are, that doesn't watch this during Halloween. It's a classic and perfect . Charlie Brown in all his misfit glory gets stuck wearing the ghost costume with a thousand holes in it, while Linus and Sally sit out in a pumpkin patch and wait for the Great Pumpkin to make his appearance. I'm already looking forward to the night this comes on so i can snuggle up with my spawn and  enjoy this much loved movie ! This list is obviously short and there are a million other horror/halloween movies that i could add to it, but i just thought i'd add my favorites that i can't miss. Enjoy this spooky month everyone ! And watch these movies !


  1. I love this post! Hocus Pocus Is Probably my favorite movie of all time

    1. Thank you, Kelly ! I love Hocus Pocus too, i can watch it over and over and never tire of it !

  2. Love Hocus Pocus and Charlie Brown! So great. Would you believe I've never seen Dracula? WTF? I've read, I need to catch up on my classics. LOL.

    I love fall too!