Sunday, September 30, 2012

Down the Zombie Rabbit Hole

For my birthday, one of my dear dear friends, Angela Messer, sent me this book. Ever since i heard about it, months and months ago , I have been  dying to get my hands on it. It finally released on September 25th and I could not have been more excited !! Now, sometimes with a book, you simply read it, enjoy it, love it.  But, with this book..I devoured it, I dreamed of it,  I wanted inside this book, if only for a little while.  Alice ( Ali  ) Bell, has always lived a very sheltered life. A life that she was accustomed to but hated. Her father kept her family indoors at night and was on constant lookout for the " monsters " that no one ever saw but him. She always thought her father was crazy until one fateful night , when she saw for herself that those monsters were real and were now after her. The book is heartbreaking and exciting and thanks to Cole , sexy ! I love all things Zombie and this one had a huge twist to it...these weren't your typical rise from the grave and\ out to eat your organs type of zombies. These were totally different and it was fantastic !  I want to force this book on everyone I know and just hope that they love it as much as I do ! So, go out, get this book, and settle down for some amazing zombie fun !!!



  1. Oh gosh! I nearly bought this today, but I pulled the will power out and stopped myself. Soon though!

  2. Yay! so glad you loved it! I can't wait to read it, but I'm really behind in new books, maybe next year!