Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Women Of All Ages Love 50 Shades Of Grey and Books Just Like It.

Why is it , do you think , that millions and millions of women from young to old have fallen in love with books like 50 Shades of Grey ? Would it be that they're living out their fantasies through a character that they wish so very badl they were ? Are they escaping their normal boring lives to live vicariously through Ana and all her experiences ? Or are they just horny women who love to read smut ? Really, does it even matter ? These books have quickly become a favorite genre of books among women of all ages. They're sexy and exciting and so much fun to read and discuss with your fellow smut loving friends. I'm going to give my own personal opinion on this matter, because i know you're dying to know. I think it's a mixture of all of the above. Who wouldn't love a filthy rich gorgeous man with the sex drive of the energizer bunny to come chasing after them? No one, that's who. Whether you are married or single, these books make will any women fall head over heels in love. It seems that 50 Shades brought sexy back , as J.T. would say. Women have always enjoyed reading books with the leading lady being swept away by an overly gorgeous man dripping in sex appeal. When I was growing up i remember the old  Harlequin romance novels  being popular . I used to sneak and read them when I was 13 years old and thinking to myself how i couldn't wait to be old enough to do those things in the book, yeah judge all you want, don't act like you had nothing but angelic thoughts when you were a young teenage girl. I have always loved a book with good romance in it, and yeah, the naughtier the better. Lots of times, a good book will help you remember that first love feeling all over again, that feeling of excitment when things first started getting heated between you and your significant other. But , there's also a downside to these books that I have quickly discovered. They have ruined men for me. As a single mom of two who is trying to date again , it's a horrible experience. Men are still pigs , just like they were when you were dating in your teens and twenties, nothing has changed . So , I find myself constantly comparing every man I talk to to the men I have fallen in love with in these books. These men have their grand gestures of romance , they're all incredibly sexy and always say just the right things and not to mention that they're always a god in the bedroom. So a gal like me reads these books and gets spoiled by these fictional men ! Every other " real " man now seems boring and mediocre and I blame it on all these authors that are writing all these amazing books. I really shouldn't put all the blame on them, I have to take responsibilty for my ridiculously high standards. Thankfully, I am not the only one who is having these issues. Several of my friends, who happen to be married , are having the same thoughts I am ( just maybe a little less dirty ) since I have a tendency to be quite the pervert. ; ) So to authors like E.L.James , Sylvia Day , Jamie McGuire , Abbi Glines , Liz Reinhardt , and many many more than I know and love..thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such steamy romantic books that I can't get enough of. Let the era of smut be long lived !!


  1. Hello Mariam!
    I'm Lis, nice to meet you -again!
    See... I'm thinking, why I didn't love Fifty Shades? I know know! I'm not good at love!
    That is... now I'm a zombie with no love, because someone stole R from me... Pff!
    Great post!
    I need to read more and more!

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  3. Now that I can reply to your posts I wanna say that I loved this haha and I totally blame the authors of awesome book boys for my failing love life